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Preparing for a citizenship test: 3 tips

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Naturalization

Individuals who desire United States citizenship through naturalization must prepare for the English and Civics exams. The most daunting requirements for many applicants are these tests, and according to, those who practice for the test usually score higher, passing more often.

Those preparing for the citizenship test may want to keep a few study tips in mind as they work toward their goal.

1. Practice often

Taking practice tests and asking friends and family to quiz them with flashcards as often as possible can keep information fresh in the minds of those preparing for their test date. While practice tests may not reflect actual testing conditions, they can help those involved by giving the applicant experience, making them less nervous on the day of the interview.

2. Seek support

Becoming a U.S. citizen requires hard work and plenty of determination, but those striving toward this goal also require support from those around them. Individuals who reside in the U.S. by themselves can reach out on social media and join citizenship groups for the support and camaraderie that may help them pass the test.

3. Maintain good health

Maintaining physical and mental health the months or weeks before the test can provide prospective citizens with better focus. Eating nutritious foods, keeping a consistent sleep pattern, and practicing consistent hygiene habits can improve brain function and improve focus.

Creating a practice test routine and committing to it can also increase self-confidence and improve the chances of those who wish to become United States citizens.