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The law firm of Larson & Lyons, LLC, is dedicated solely to the practice of immigration law, helping you take control of your immigrant story.

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Based in Dayton, Ohio, serving the immigrant community throughout the United States and beyond.

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Immigration Law

Immigration Law

The immigration system is difficult to navigate without an experienced advocate fighting for you. We understand the complexities of the U.S. immigration law, and we are committed to delivering results for our clients.

Family-Based Immigration

Family-Based Immigration

We use the U.S. immigration laws to reuniting and keeping families together. We understand that your immigration case impacts every aspect of you and your family’s life.

Waivers of Inadmissibility

Waivers of Inadmissibility

If you have criminal convictions, misrepresentation, or multiple illegal entries, we can overcome your inadmissibility to help you gain lawful status.

Humanitarian Options

Humanitarian Options

Whether you have been a victim of domestic abuse, forced to work in hostile or unsafe conditions, or been a victim of a crime, there are immigration benefits available.

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Immigration Attorneys Serving The Immigrant Community In Dayton, Ohio And Beyond

Located in downtown Dayton, Larson & Lyons, LLC, is an Ohio-based immigration law firm committed to helping immigrants and their families. We use the immigration laws to keep families together and find creative solutions for our clients to keep or obtain legal status. At Larson & Lyons, LLC, your case is important, and we take the time needed to ensure that your case will achieve a successful outcome.

We are committed to providing unparalleled service and individualized attention to every client, including private meetings with an experienced immigration lawyer. Our experienced immigration lawyers counsel clients across Ohio, the United States, and abroad. Do not wait to contact our experienced and dedicated immigration practice and take control over your immigrant story.

We Are Committed To Helping You Gain Lawful Status

Over our years of practice, we have helped countless clients gain legal status in the United States, ensuring their families stay together. Our bilingual team is ready to assist you when you need it, answering all your questions and delivering results. Our job is to empower immigrants like you so that you can thrive, not simply survive.

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If you are concerned about your immigration status, we are here to give you the answers you need. Our team at Larson & Lyons, LLC, is ready to assist you today. Call us at 937-684-8890 or by completing our online contact form below.

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